Created with passion, crafted for pleasure

Alchemy Chocolates is the labor of love of Yumna Ahsan and is inspired by the ancient art of converting materials to gold.

Alchemy range of artisan chocolates has created a fusion of premium quality Swiss chocolate with an eclectic mix of flavors and ingredients, through recipes straight from the quaint chocolate factories of Switzerland, the chocolate capital of the world, and bring to you a “pure gold” standard of chocolate indulgence.

Our bespoke products are handmade with love and enthusiasm with an emphasis on skill and quality and maintain all the nutritional wealth without any additional preservatives.
The story began with love for chocolate and we aim to redefine your perfect chocolate moment, one of the greatest pleasures of life!

The Fine Art of Chocolate Making

We all love chocolate, don’t we ?

But not everyone knows where it comes from, but whatever be the origin, the process for making chocolate is essentially the same.

Of course, “finished” chocolate doesn’t always stay in this form . . .
Around the world, chocolatiers, bakers, chefs, and pastry experts use this highly versatile, delicious food in countless applications and preparations, from simple to elaborate.

Each piece is carefully handcrafted, bringing together the taste of real Swiss chocolate with its perfectly pitched flavours and luxurious textures that kindle all the magical feelings – an elixir of life!